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Terry Traw

“Batter Fox” was produced in 2004. The batter uniform was numbered 35 for our 35th annual convention. There were 225 produced with white uniform and 225 with gray uniforms. 100 were produced with white glaze finish as pictured. There were also 25 each produced with Gold finish and Silver finish for a total of 600.


1956 Chevrolet SR2 Corvette

The 1956 Chevrolet Corvette SR2 was a little known vehicle produced in limited numbers by Chevrolet. The SR2 acronym stood for “Sebring Racer” or sometimes “Sports Racing”. Harley Earl had designers create this car so his son Jerry Earl would not race driving a Ferrari 250MM. In 2005 for our convention Terry produced a total of 1,350 units with 25 being Gold, 25 Solid Black, 150 White, 150 Dark Green, and 500 each Red and Blue under a license granted by GM.


1969 Pontiac GTO

For the International in 2006 Terry Traw produced 1,400 model GTO’s with licensing from GM. The production broken down was 25 Yellow, 25 Red/Maroon, 100 Turquoise, 225 White, 225 Dark Blue and 400 each of Orange & Black. There were also 3 of each produced in two different types of Gold finish.

1967 Corvette

For our convention in 2007 Terry produced 1,100 model Corvettes with GM licensing. The breakdown was 50 White, 500 Maroon, 100 Green, 150 Yellow, 250 Black, 250 Blue and 250 Red.

1970 Corvette

Terry produced 1,000 1970 Corvette’s again licensed by GM for 2008. The color breakdown was 50 Maroon, 50 Dark Blue, 100 Orange, and 200 each Yellow, Red, White & Green.

1970 Chevelle SS

For our 2009 convention Terry Produced 800 model Chevelle’s. 50 each in White & Orange, 100 Green, 150 Red & 150 Turquoise, 125 Gobi Beige and 175 Black Cherry. These were also licensed by GM.

2008 Corvette

2010 ended the license agreement with GM and Terry finished the run with the 2008 Corvette. A total of 900 was produced with 50 White and 50 Black. There were 100 Blue and 175 each of the colors Orange, Victoria Red, Yellow and Red.